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Do you want to have your MC SPORTS franchise, collaborator or commercial ally, distributor or exporter, seller, specialized bookseller?

Our years of consolidated trajectory in soccer specialization has placed us as # 1 in soccer technical books. There are many coaches, soccer coaches, physical trainers, players and fans who look for our books and they can find them through specialized web pages and bookstores, commercial or direct sellers, sports centers, etc; However, we know that there are areas where its acquisition is more difficult, as we also know that there are clients who are looking for other ways to acquire our products, as well as, every year we are launching novelties and expanding the range of commercial possibilities to other sports, it is because This is why we offer the possibility of entering our business as:

  • Shareholder.
  • Franchise.
  • Commercial partner.
  • Distributor or exporter.
  • Collaborator or commercial ally.
  • Direct seller (commercial agent).
  • Library.

If you have clear ideas, a minimum of professional, personal and financial solvency and you are interested in being part of MC SPORTS, in any of the options presented, you can send your project indicating what you are applying for and what you can contribute with added value , within what you postulate.

Telephone: +34 986 24 52 62
Email: contacto@mcsports.es

Please pay attention to curious people or people who do not have clear ideas or a minimum of financial, professional and personal solvency.

Note: & nbsp; MCSports Todo Deporte reserves the right to admit partners, franchisees, commercial collaborators, distributors or exporters, commercial allies, Sellers and agents, booksellers, etc.

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Catalog 2022

Catalog 2022

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