I can not pay with my credit / debit card - Can not perform the operation Error in sent data. Contact your dealer

Our store requires a secure purchase (the customer must enter their data and then confirm them in their own entity, before the transaction is authorized) while the card used is not secure. It is advisable to use secured cards, but it should be the bank of the client that deals with it, so contact your bank to make purchases with your card in our store.


What is an ebook or eBook?
An ebook or digital book is the same book in paper format simply transferred to a digital format, which makes it possible to read through electronic devices: such as computers, tablets, smpartphones and e-readers.


Is buying an eBook permanent?
The purchase of our ebooks is permanent. You will enjoy your book forever.

When and where can I access the ebook?
At any time and always from a place with access to the internet. You can not have more than one session open at a time on different devices.


Where are the ebooks I've bought?

The ebooks, once purchased, can be read through our website When entering the page you must log in with your username and password and access the "My ebooks" link on the right side of the main menu.


Can I download ebooks?

No. Because the best interest in the dissemination of the contents we present in ebook format, which is the legitimate protection of copyright, the books we present can only be viewed with internet connection on our website and not Allow downloads or the like.


Do I need to have an internet connection to read ebooks?

Yes. To be able to read the ebooks is necessary permanent internet connection, since the reading is done directly from our servers.


What is the "Launch Reserve Price"?

Within this concept, we include the option that our customers benefit from the discount we can offer for the financing of the product launch, through Marketing and editions or self-publishing. This option can only be accessed during the previous or simultaneous dedicated period to the edition. And it can only be accessed through the websites Marketing Ediciones, MDinterior, MCSports or self-publishing during the stipulated period, since after the end of the term, this benefit can not be accessed under any circumstances.

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Catalog 2022

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