How to use the bonuses. Legislation Law 10/2007

The bonuses are a deference made by MCSports to certain groups, clients or football clubs. The bond is respectful of Law 10/2007, which regulates the fixed price of books. For this reason the user of the voucher must proceed to the purchase where the total price is indicated (ISBN price regulated by law), then include the corresponding voucher code (see image) and there it indicates the gift discount that is applied in the total amount of the order.


Bonus applied


A deeper and in compliance with the aforementioned law (10/2007) the bonus is personal and can not be transferred. The bonus has an expiration date, after that date it can not be used. Only one bonus per recipient is allowed, although the same recipient may be a beneficiary of different types of bonuses.

No user or client can claim to be a beneficiary of the bonus, since this assignment corresponds to MCSports according to the fiscal and economic capacity of the latter and computing the beneficiaries where their history, economic capacity, are taken into account. circumstances and others.

The remaining funds that have not been consumed with the bonds will be destined to other campaigns or donated to entities, organizations or entities related to the company.

In order to seek a commercial policy of satisfaction to all our customers, MCSports is committed to allocate, according to its fiscal and economic capacity, the largest possible economic amount that makes it viable that generate as many bonds as possible, to distribute among the largest number of customers or potential customers.


The amount of the bonuses is conditioned to a minimum amount of purchase, depending on the type of bonus, starting from the amount of 39 € minimum purchase, which will have to deduct the corresponding bonus. Example: a) for a € 10 bonus, if a € 39 purchase is made, when applying the discount the system will indicate that I must pay € 29. b) for a bonus of € 60 if a minimum purchase of € 199 is made, when applying the discount the system will tell me that I must pay € 139.


NOTE: The user can also request that his voucher be applied by making the corresponding order by sending it to In this order you must indicate the titles, total amount, code of the voucher that you have received (by email, SMS, fax, others ...), personal data (name, address ...) and payment method. The company will respond and confirm the order by applying the corresponding discount or gift. For any questions there is also availability during office hours at +34 986 24 52 62

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