Ebook Basic individual and collective tactic concepts (more frecuent errors)


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Electronic book to read online from our web page: https://www.mcsports.es/.

140 pages.

Football is always different and always the same. For this reason, the best players stroll along the paths of tradition, but at the same time, they reinvent it in every game.

Football is the kind of game which is felt in the first place, lived in a passionate way and then, and only then, it is the moment of analysing it in depth, because if we are able to underestand it better, we'll be capable of enjoying it even more.

This is a readable book. At every moment, we think that Manuel's ideas should have occurred to us before. No doubt that simplicity is a shorcut to the truth. I'd like to invite you to read and enjoy it, and learn from it as if it were a good football match.

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