Daniel Domínguez Carrasco

Daniel Domínguez Carrasco


-Teacher Physical Education (University of Huelva). Promotion 2004-2007.
-Coach Level 3 of football (License PRO UEFA) (2014).
- I have done several courses SVB and first aid. I was promoted by the City of Bollullos
employees .
- Course: Foundations and Teaching of crosscutting issues . 2009. 120 hours. Camilo
Jose Cela University .
- Course: Attention to Diversity . 2009. 120 hours. Camilo Jose Cela University .
- Course: Self-evaluation of teaching activities : communication and conflict resolution
in the classroom. School discipline. 2009. 120 hours.
- International Football Congress , Science and Technology in Seville. 2011. 25 hours.
- Conference - Symposium "My experiences as Football " by Francisco Chaparro Jara in
Huelva. 2012. 5 hours.
- Day of Health: Nutrition and Prevention in Football in Huelva. 2014. 6 hours.
- World soccer coaches Congress 2015 in Seville. 15 hours

• From 2008 to present
Hon. City Council Bollullos par del Condado . Huelva.
Public administration.
Football coach of the following categories inferiors of Bollullos C. F.
2008-2009 season : 8 years
2009-2010 season : 6-7 years
2010-2011 season : 6-7 years
2011-2012 season : 10-11 years
2012-2013 season : 12-13 years
2013-2014 season : 14-15 years
2014-2015 season : 14-15 years, ascended to second regional Andalusian League.
2015-2016 season : 16-17-18 years
July and August 2013 , 2014 and 2015 also as monitor summer camp held in the
municipal sports center with different activities.
• From 01/01/2013 to 31/06/2013
Primary public school education " Las Viñas " , Bollullos par del Condado . Huelva.
Monitor sports .
Made compatible with the coaching position bases Bollullos C. F. categories, exercised
monitor futsal .
Leadership. I'm pretty creative in the design of tasks to improve technical and tactical-
physical aspects. I am patient, cheerful, firm in my ideas about work is concerned. I like
to take risks in my work if it is to improve as a coach-teacher and therefore to improve
players-students. I like to investigate the cognitive development of young players
because I like to have intelligent players in my teams.

I posted a soccer exercise designed on the web: futbolglobalizado.com
I published the Workbook and Globalized Grassroots tasks for the McSports publisher.
June 2015.
I published the book From street to football training, the McSports publisher. July 2016.

I like reading, writing, movies, sports and music.
Driver's license: B1.
Mother Language: Spanish.
Languages: English- Middle East, spoken and written
Under French-, spoken and written
I have a medium level of user software.


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